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Mount Kilamanjiro

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Monday, 11 June 2012

Still buzzing after the epic 3 Peak challenge

Hello everyone

Well here we are starting another week of summer - for those of us in the UK, the weather is not the best - but hey, we still don't let it stop us doing what we want to. Around the world...I hope you are all enjoying getting out and about whenever possible.

As you can see we didn't let the weather ruin our challenge day!...there was none of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales to be seen from any of the summits due to the mist, but as we dropped back down for a while it was good weather. I cannot express enough what a great company Lost Earth Adventures are! - they will accommodate you as much as possible and you are guaranteed the personal touch. The mountain leaders were fantastic, looked after everyone and joined in all the banter...a great day all round.

The feedback I got back from Sarah and Richard, the company founders was fantastic, here's what they wrote to me:  

"Thank you for such a great day on Saturday and for allowing us to be part of War on Cancer's 1st Annual Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge. Your friends and family were tons of fun and great companions on the mountainside. I was amazed at all the smiles on their faces, even as they faced mist, wind and many, many of miles under their boots. One thing that was also a constant on the hill was the shouts of encouragement and the reiteration that they were " doing this for Tracy!" It was truly inspiring."

It is a very humbling experience been told they did it for you, wow - words actually fail me, I cannot think of the words to express my gratitude to a fantastic group of people who came and supported War on Cancer on this difficult first challenge.

I will of course let everyone know who much was raised from the 3 Peak challenge as soon it has been collected.

Wow - I have loads of ideas for the 2013 challenge, I'm going to look into them all closely before announcing the will be a bit tough and hopefully lots of fun too! keep looking out for it!

The next event ( not including a car wash ) will be the Annual Garden Party at Caroline's - this will take place on Saturday July 28th. This event will be foodwise a Tex Mex theme...of course if you want to dress up for a bit of fun...that would be great. I've decided not to shave, so will have a Mexican Gringo tashe for the day ;) Details of the event will follow shortly, and an invitation will be sent out from FB. Of course it goes without saying a cocktail bar will be run again...the cocktails are always a hit....however I'm withdrawing the Vespa Martini as it was too hardcore for everyone!

Talking of the garden party - any unwanted gifts will be welcome for the tombola, I can be contacted through here or PM myself or Caroline on FB. .....You know the drill!

I will start giving more details of future events soon - we are still thinking of doing a Phoenix Nights talent night later in the year....if you are interested, get in touch!

Until next time

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